Information on W2 and W3 professorships

Hiring requirements for W2 and W3 professorships

W2 and W3 professorships adress experienced academics and are comparable to associate professorships (W2) or full professorships (W3) in the Anglo-American university system.Unless otherwise specified in the job announcement, Associate and Full Professors are appointed for life. In addition to the general requirements for civil servant status, professors are subject to special hiring requirements specified in Section 15 of the Hambugisches Hochschulgesetz (Hamburg Higher Education Act, available in German only). According to the law, the following special hiring requirements apply:

1. A completed university degree (e.g. master's degree, state examination, etc.).

The prerequisite for an application for a professorship is a completed university degree. This is the case, for example, if a diploma program or a master's program has been successfully completed.


2. A pedagogical aptitude for teaching at universities.

According to § 15, paragraph 2 of the Hamburg Higher Education Act, pedagogical aptitude is usually demonstrated by excellent teaching as a junior professor. However, a junior professorship is not a prerequisite for fulfilling this criterion. The appointment committee assesses the pedagogical aptitude of each applicant. Teaching evaluations and university teaching certificates, for example, can be used for the assessment. In addition, the pedagogical aptitude is also evaluated on the basis of the test lecture at the interview.


3. A special qualification for scientific inquiry

The special qualification for scientific inquiry is usually demonstrated by a qualified doctorate. A qualified doctorate means that the doctoral performance has been assessed as above average. This is the case, for example, if the doctorate has received at least the rating "magna cum laude". If the doctorate has not been graded, the selection committee assesses the ability to do scientific work on the basis of the application.


4. Additional requirements depending on the position

Depending on the requirements of the position, either a) additional scientific achievements or b) special achievements in the application or development of scientific knowledge and methods in a practice of at least five years, of which at least three years must have been exercised outside the university sector.For university professors, the achievement of additional scientific achievements is the standard case for qualification for a professorship. Additional scientific achievements can be made in the context of a junior professorship. However, they can also be achieved while working as a research associate at a university or a non-university research institution, through research activities in industry, or through other equivalent activities. The qualification can be obtained both in Germany and abroad. A habilitation is not a prerequisite for employment. Whether the additional scientific achievements of an applicant are sufficient will be judged by the selection committee.