Scholarships for International Students from EU Member-States

The Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw), with financial support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, awards a limited number of scholarships to international students from EU member-states.

The sdw is looking for...

...students who are socially committed, with above-average credits. They must be good at teamwork, have a good general education, be determined and have a good command of German.

The sdw offers...

  • A scholarship of up to € 525 per month (subject to the applicant's income)
  • A book allowance of € 80 per month
  • A varied program of events including seminars on economic and social policy issues and soft skills training
  • Contacts with the local sdw scholarship holders' group at the university location.

The following Regulations and Deadlines apply to international students from EU member-states who are studying at a state or state-recognized German university and do not qualify for a student scholarship on the basis of § 8 BAföG:

Stage 1 Courses Master's Courses
Application deadlines:
  • Students at a university of applied science: until the end of the third subject semester
  • Students at other universities: until the end of the fourth subject semester
  • Students who are studying for a bachelor's degree: until the end of the second subject semester (or, if they plan to go on to take a master's degree at a German university, until the end of the fourth subject semester)
Application deadline:
  • Application to be made in the semester prior to commencing the master's program, in other words as a rule along with the master's study application. The university's student registration or admission document must be submitted with or after the application.
At least three study certificates with grades or assessments of where the applicant stands in relation to other students in his or her semester must be submitted. As a rule, scholarships are awarded for four-semester master's programs. In exceptional cases they can be awarded for three-semester programs.

Selection of Applicants

Selection is a two-stage process. Interested students must first submit their application documents to the sdw's liaison officer at their university location. He or she will then recommend suitable candidates to the sdw's office after an initial interview. Final selection will be at an assessment center in Berlin.


Application documents and detailed information at (Studienförderwerk / Internationale Studierende / EU-Länder). For pre-selection deadlines contact the sdw liaison officer at the Hamburg University of Technology:

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt, Technology and Innovation Management

E-mail: c.herstatt(at)tuhh(dot)de, Tel.: +49 40 428 78 3778