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Fees and Expenses

The semester contribution of approximately 315 Euro per semester includes an administrative fee, a social fee for the student service organization and the student union as well as the payment for a six-month Hamburg public transport ticket.

In addition to first-rate study programs and modern facilities, students at TUHH find a wide range of complementary offers including orientation sessions, special tutorials, language and humanities courses, sports and cultural activities as well as an accommodation office.

We recommend that single students budget at least 800 EUR per month to meet personal expenses (accommodation, living, health insurance, books, semester contribution).

To international students, the German Federal Immigration Act opens up opportunities for partially financing university studies through student jobs as well as for employment after graduation.

Further details regarding fees and expenses as well as information on financing your studies is available here.

Course Regulations

An English translation of the official course regulations ("Prüfungs- und Studienordnung") as General Provisions and Subject-Specific Part is available in PDF form. Please note that only the German version, which is also available, is legally valid.

Language Courses

Language courses in English and German are offered to help students improve their language skills.

Counseling Office

A counseling office, established especially for the international academic programs, will take care of the interests, in particular, of foreign students.

Accommodation Office

The Accommodation Office TUHH supports students who intend to pursue a degree course and are arriving directly from abroad in their search for a room for their arrival in Hamburg. You will find further details on the webpage of the Accommodation Office (www.tuhh.de/rooms).

Student Activities

The student union arranges various sports and entertainment activities, e.g. sailing, hang gliding, soccer, rowing as well as singing, dancing and making music. Parties, particularly the summer festival of the TUHH, are very popular among students and staff.

Hamburg - the Traditional Gateway to the World

The Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg is, for many people, one of the greatest cities of all. Because of its music and film scene, because of its theatres and museums, because of its good shopping amenities, because of the sailing opportunities on the Alster or because of its harbor. Or because the metropolitan region of Hamburg offers such a wide selection of leisure activities. Or for a thousand other reasons. Simply because Hamburg is a true city with 1.7 million inhabitants and with many things worth to discover. While Hamburg and its harbor open the gate to the world of trade and transport, the TUHH and the NIT open up the gate to the world of knowledge. This secures Hamburg a place as one of the most important and interesting metropolis.

Further information is available from:

STUDIS - Studierendenservice / Admission and Registration
21071 Hamburg