Your master studies (German language) or your international study preparation program for a Bachelor program in German language at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until January 15.

ERASMUS & International Students

We are handling any enquiries regarding the Erasmus programme (EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students), which is the European Union student exchange programme (Erasmus Mundus Programme), at the School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.


Please read all information below before sending an e-mail.

For general questions about admissions, please contact directly the General Admission Office at

For any ERASMUS and international related enquiries, please send us an e-mail to international-eim[at], to ensure a smooth and quick handling of your enquiry.

Information for Incoming Students

Learning Agreements

If you want your (amended) learning agreement to be signed, please ensure the following before sending it: the agreement must be signed by the sending institution, and by yourself; moreover, please ensure that the correct data of the Deputy Dean International of the School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics (Prof. Dr. Matthias Mnich) are inserted.

We can only process correctly filled and signed PDF files.

Please name the file of the learning agreement as follows:


Courses at the School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics

List of all lectures (Bachelor's degree) given in English

The courses for Summer and Winter semesters are as follows.

List of all lectures (Master's degree) given in English

The courses for Summer and Winter Semester are as follows.

Current curricula by course of study (containing also courses given in German language)
Study packages showing possible course selections

Study packages
Kindly note that these are just a suggestion of the possible combination of courses for each semester. You can, however, choose to pick a different combination which suits you. Please refer to the complete list of courses to make your choices.

FAQ for incoming students

What do I have to do if I want to write my Bachelors/Masters thesis during my ERASMUS stay at the TUHH?
  1. Make yourself clear about the field you want to write your thesis in.
  2. Check out the lists below to find out, which Professor of our school of study is working in the field you’d like to write your thesis in.
  3. Four weeks prior to the scheduled start of working on the thesis: Send an e-Mail to the Professor in question applying for a thesis. Please attach your bachelor’s certificate (if applying for a Master’s thesis) and your Transcript of Records. You also have to list your precognitions in the field concerned.
  4. As soon as you have found an advisor for your thesis, please contact our Examination Office (; building E, ground floor) to register your thesis.
Can I select several lectures of a modul or do I have to choose all lectures?

You cannot choose among units (like lectures, tutorials, ...) of a modul, it is compulsory to attend all units in order to take the examination.

What level of German proficiency TUHH require?

A1 (completed) in German is compulsory. A minimum of B1 is recommended for the working language (English or German, depends on the course). The A1 certificate could of course be an official test result from TestDAF or Goethe Institute, but it could also be issued by a language teacher of the institution.

Theses by International Students

Several institutes at the school hosts international students for writing their thesis. Please contact directly the institute that you wish to work with: List of Institutes.

How do I register for specific courses?

Specific courses can only be registered when the student has been oficially enrolled at the TUHH. Once the enrollment has been completed, the student will then receive the matriculation number and  access to the online platform to register for the specific courses.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at international-eim[at]