Orientation Study Program at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until August 31st.

Preparing your exchange stay at TUHH

1. Is your university a cooperation partner of TUHH?

Check our international cooperation's partner list or ask the International Office at your home university.


3. Are you meeting the language requirements for exchange studies at TUHH?

General requirements

  • For courses taught in English: Level B2
  • For courses taught in German: Level B1
  • For working on your Master Thesis: no language test required

Please note:

You can only study at TUHH if your language proficiency is sufficient for your study purposes. Most of the bachelor courses are taught in German and bachelor students need to have a German level that will allow them to undertake an academic study.

Proof of language skills

  • All exchange students from partner universities must have sufficient language skills in the working language German (B1) and/or English (B2) (CEFR).
  • Certified tests such as TOEFL, TestDAF, IELTS, etc. are accepted (online version is sufficient).
  • Online grading tests with conclusive identification of the participants, e.g. Erasmus+ OLS- tests, will not be accepted.
  • If you have no official test document, the proof must be in a form of a confirmation / official certificate from a recognized language school in the home country or a language institute of the home university. A confirmation by the home exchange coordinator is also sufficient.
  • Those exchange students, who are studying in an English speaking degree programme can only be acquitted of the duty to provide a language certificate when they can provide proof that all courses at the home university are in English.
  • If a language certificate or proof cannot be provided during the online application, a document must be submitted instead stating that the applicant has registered for a language course and that the course is completed until the start of the study.

Applicants wishing to complete a project or master thesis at TUHH 

should have the required language skills in the working language. A language certificate is not required.

4. Get nominated

Contact the  International Office of your home university and read the Application Procedure for Exchange Students and get nominated.


5. Creating your Learning Agreement

Chose courses suitable for exchange students.

To complete your Learning Agreement you can select courses from all of TUHHs degree programs (Bachelor and Master), except for the Joint Master program courses.
Please check specific information and selection of the courses suitable for exchange students in the Study Packages assigned to each school of study listed.
Check out the list here

The non-technical elective courses are listed separately. Most of them have limited places and some have special entry requirements and registration procedures. There is a detailed description of the non-technical electives (Bachelor and Master) and the business and management courses (for all degree students) as well.

Please also have a look into the module handbooks of the degree programs (sorted by degree program) to see an overview of all the modules and the courses they consist of. There are also detailed module descriptions (sorted by alphabet, not by degree program). Some module courses may have prerequisites.

Please note:

The exams are offered only for complete modules, i.e. one exam for all the courses that belong to one module. Depending on whether you will stay for 1 or 2 semester, please make sure to always select all the courses belonging to one module.
Pay attention: some modules stretch over more than 1 semester!

Some courses are only offered in winter or summer semester. Please make sure that your choosen course is offered in a given semester by contacating the appropriate school of study/deputy dean international.

Students who intend to carry out a thesis work at TUHH should make all necessary arrangements with the TUHH supervisor before they arrive at TUHH!