Further important information and contacts

Deadlines and dates

Semester start at TUHH:

  • Summer semester:  1. April
  • Winter semester: 1. October

Please check the university webpage for exact dates for the upcoming semesters.


The TUHH examinations are carried out in the non-lecture period.

  • Summer semester: mid- July until the end of September,
  • Winter semester: mid- January until the end of March.

The examination registration for exchange students is carried out within two weeks in May and in December.
If you have to leave the TUHH earlier, you should contact the professor in time to find an individual regulation for the examination you want to take.

Please check the university webpage for exact dates of current examination period: tentative examination period of the current semester.


Deputy Deans International (Dep. Coordinators) & Schools of Study

The teaching at TUHH is organised in schools of study. There is one Deputy Dean International (with an assistant) for each school of study at TUHH, who has the role of a departmental coordinator for exchange studies. For academic questions and issues with your learning agreement, please turn to your Deputy Dean International and his or her assistant.