Orientation Study Program at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until August 31st.

Finishing your stay at TUHH

Please go through the departure check list with important information at the end of your stay at TUHH!

Confirmation of TUHH exchange studies

Please visit the International Office duly to collect the necessary signatures at your departure documents. The blank departure document will be usually issued by your home institution. 
Extension of exchange studies at TUHH: please ask about the special form at the International Office.

Learning Agreement:

Make sure that you uploaded the changes to the original LA confirmed by the TUHH departmental coordinator in the mobility online system.

Transcript of Records:

The Examinations office TUHH will prepare the document once all examinations results have been uploaded. You can print out the document using self-service functions.
In case of any technical problems or if you need help for reactivating your TUHH- password, please contact the TUHH user service center at: servicedesk@tuhh.de

De-registration at the TUHH:

Please update your home address using self-service function in case you get mails from TUHH after your departure.
If you need TUHH ex-matriculation certificate please contact internationaloffice(at)tuhh(dot)de

De-registration of Residence:

If you are staying in a student hall it is mandatory to inform- in person- the property manager one month ahead of your leaving.
For deregistration of residence you have to get in touch with "Meldeamt/ Kundenzentrum responsible for your district.

TU&YOU Network:

Stay TUned! - Do you want to keep in touch with TUHH? Then just register in our alumni network at www.TUandYOU.de
Find former fellow classmates, stay informed about our university and alumni events. Wherever you may be in the world, a part of the TUHH is always near. Join one of our alumni chapters and help to expand the TU & YOU network even further. You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn or contact us at TUandYOU(at)tuhh(dot)de.