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A one-minute paper is handed out at the end of the session and should then be completed in a very short time. It contains, for example, questions such as "What was the most important thing I learned in today's session?" and "What remained unclear to me? This causes the students to focus on the overall context of the topic and can clarify difficulties in understanding for themselves and the teacher. The one-minute paper is usually edited anonymously, collected and evaluated afterwards. The results should be addressed at the beginning of the following course.

A one-minute paper can also be implemented very easy (but not anonymously) directly in Zoom Chat or also a Mattermost channel. If the one-minute question is to be answered anonymously, setting up an anonymous forum in the ILIAS learning platform linked to Stud.IP  can be helpful. A live voting system such as the open-source tool Particify is also possible. The Live Q&A function allows students to post anonymously without prior registration.

Another option is to use a digital and collaborative whiteboard such as the open source tool Excalidraw. Access is possible without registration and all participants remain anonymous.

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