At the end of a course, students write down what they consider to be the most unclear point of the course. The notes can be supplemented with a short explanation and are then collected. This enables the teacher to put himself/herself in the position of the students. In addition, the method trains the students to formulate clear aspects or questions that are still unclear.

If you want to do the Muddiest Point digitally, you can use the same digital tools as for the One-Minute-Paper:

For anonymous feedback on the Muddiest Point, the use of an anonymous forum in ILIAS or the use of a live voting system with Q&A function such as Particify are suitable.

Non-anonymous feedback can be facilitated, for example, via non-anonymous forums in Stud.IP and/or ILIAS. The use of Zoom Meeting Chat or Mattermost can also be useful in this case

Effort: medium to high (depending on the number of participants).