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Finding an Internship Abroad

The TUHH international office offers information on how to find internships abroad.
Please, join our info sessions and panel talks (Talk-Runde Auslandspraktikum)!

Finding an internship abroad requires your initiative. It is a research task first!
To find companies, contacts and offers, you'll have to organise your search
& answer these questions for yourself first:


  • What long do I want my internship to be - min. and max.?
    (Internships shorter than 3 months may be less interesting for companies.)
  • When is my mobility window? When could the earliest start and the latest end date be?
    (Think about your modules, exams, etc.)


  • Into which direction or field do I want to go with what I study?
    What are my options?
  • What kind of fields, methods, technologies am I interested in?
    In which industrial branches or products is this applied?
  • What kind of industries, branches or products do I find interesting?
  • Where can I find a good overview if I need some inspiration?
    (tipp: Visit industrial fairs & exhibitions or view their online product & exhibitors lists. Try the Hannover Messe for a start.)


  • Which countries and regions are an option for me personally? Which ones aren't?
  • Which languages can I already speak or learn? Where will I get along with my language skills?
    (e.g English works fine in the Netherlands and all over Scandinavia but may be insufficient when interning in France.)
  • Maybe also: Which regions and countries are particularly known for expertise in a specific field or industry?

You can start your search for companies by looking at the industries and companies of a country or a specific region or city. For a starting point, Wikipedia articles on the country, region or the city often have sections on economy and industry. Often, regions and cities have their own official websites with information about the local economy and industries. There may be company directories for regions or cities.
Each region or city is very likely to have its own chamber of commerce. In many cases, their websites will have a member directory that may be accessible. A few local/regional chambers of commerce offer a placement service.

If you have a bit of spare money, you may want to use the services of a placement agency. The German website of the eurodesk network has a database which lists agencies that offer internship services.