Your Bachelor's or Master's studies at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until July 15.

For exams which take place in the sports hall "Feuervogel" (Baererstraße 47 in 21073 Hamburg) please consider the following:

  • There are hardly any parking spaces available. Therefore, you are requested to use public transport system.
  • The exact location of the gymnasium can be found on the map below.
  • Attached are the house rules of the gymnasium. Please read this document carefully.
  • The floor of the gymnasium is very sensitive. For that reason, entering the sports hall will be allowed only for students wearing flat heels.

I, therefore, urge you to think of appropriate shoes. The university has been informed that in case of non-compliance you will not be allowed to enter the gymnasium/ sports hall or you will be asked to remove high-heel shoes. I apologize for this unusual request, but in case of any damage the TUHH has to pay for them and, as a side effect, pupils could probably not use the gymnasium due to repair work. In addition, further use of the building by TUHH may be put into question.

The best of luck with your exams.

Yours faithfully,

Dietmar Dunst
Head of the department of student affairs