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Indicating your chosen specialisation (B.Sc AIW / GES - Only for examination regulations up to cohort 2014/15)

In preparation for the examination registration period, some students have to choose one specialisation. This is the case for students on the B.Sc courses Mechanical Engineering and General Engineering Science (AIW & GES).

If you want to start your examinations in your specialisation, you must indicate your chosen specialisation online via the TUHH portal. You can only indicate your chosen specialisation by submitting this form to the examination office around four weeks before the examination registration perriod commences. If you fail to do this, it will not be possible for you to register for subjects within your specialisation.

Please note: If you selected your specialisation in previous semesters, you do not need to indicate it again.

It takes some time for the Examination Office to process the form. As such, please submit the form around four weeks before the registration period for the semester in which you want to register for examinations. The registration periods are always the first two weeks in June (for the summer semester) and December (for the winter semester).

The following forms are available for your use:

If you have any queries, the administrator for the relevant examination office will be happy to assist.