Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH
Modular Systems for eScooter rental stations

Company Description
Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH is based in the Speicherstadt, Hamburg’s Old Warehouse District. The company provides high-quality, contemporary and effective answers to the individual needs of urban mobility. The products are designed in Europe and produced in Asia, guaranteeing a quality that meets the expectations of a product penned in Germany.

Florian Walberg, Hamburg-based entrepreneur, has been producing electric scooters since 2003 and has become a pioneer of the industry. Following 9 years as service provider in the fields of production and development of electric scooters, Walberg changed from service provider to manufacturer. The team currently consisting of 11 people from the fields of purchasing, technics, customer support, online, marketing, PR, and sales, oversees a network of more than 500 active dealers.


Current Situation
We are currently working on the first eMobility Sharing System with the new vehicle category PLEV (Personal Light Electric Vehicle). This new eMobility concept will significantly influence future city and traffic planning and management. The eScooter sharing system mainly targets at commuters, tourists, and early adopters.

Problem Statement
To ensure a simple and smooth rental process, the rental stations need to be equipped with appropriate mechanisms to store and charge the eScooters.
How can the characteristics of these small and foldable vehicles be used in the most effective way?

Project Aim(s)
Aim of the project is to develop a cost effective modular system that can be expanded on demand. The foldable eScooters have to be stored in the system, with an integrated charging solution. The modular system needs to be scalable so it can be used at any rental station – independent of the size of the station. The construction of a prototype would be desirable.

Design of a space and effort reduced rental station.

Field of Activity
·         Process analysis
·         Concept development
·         Prototype development

Target Group
Creative and motivated students and alumni who enjoy interdisciplinary collaboration and developing innovative concepts. Students / alumini should come from the following degree courses:
-          Construction Engineering
-          Mechanical Engineering
-          Electrical Engineering
-          Mechatronics
-          Process Engineering
-          Electrical and Environmental Studies
-          Material Science
-          Logistics, Infrastructure, and Mobility
-          Mechanical Engineering and Management

Please keep the following dates in mind:

  • 23. October: Info Event, 10:00 to 12:00 o'clock in the LuK-Mehrzweckraum
  • 1. November: Kick-Off-Event, 14:00 to 17:30 o'clock
  • 4. and 12. November: Projektmanagement-Workshop, ca. 09:00 to 17:00 o'clock
  • 6. November: kickoff-meeting with Walberg, 9:30 to 11:30 o'clock, Alter Wandrahm 6, 20457 Hamburg
  • 24. November: Workshop "Führen ohne Vorgesetztenfunktion", ca. 09:00 bis 17:00 o'clock