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tricargo e.G.i.G

Development of a special frame for cargo-cycles

Description of the company
Modern, electric motor-assisted cargo-cycles help to make inner city‘s spaces more livable.  They drive more quietly, cleaner and safer than cars, are flexible and save space. Especially in last-mile-delivery, bicycles often outperform cars in commercial traffic. These are the reasons why the Hamburgian startup tricargo specialized in logistics services with cargo-cycles since 2016, and since 2017 in development, production and sales of these vehicles.  As a startup, we work very goal-oriented and practical.


Initial situation
tricargo is experienced with three-wheeled rear-loaders as commercial cargo-cycles. Thus we are familiar with many requirements and potential for improvements in distribution-logistics among other things. In 2017 we developed our first cargo-cycle prototypes. In 2018 we follow up with production of the first batch of our basic frame design. A second design is planned for market-ready development in 2019.

To avoid manual turnover of small-sized deliveries, the cargo-cycle needs a  lifting-mechanism for europallets. For this, we are looking for construction ideas.

Aims of the project
The lifting-mechanism to be designed enables the next generation of cargo-cycles to lift europallets from the ground, to transport and set them down again


  • Identification of functionalities
  • Search for solution principles
  • Organizing of viable modules
  • Design of proper modules
  • Design of the whole frame

Target group (students)
Students of technical degrees would be very suitable for this project if they exemplary want to:

  • handle the product-development with agile methods
  • experience creativity-techniques in practical implementation
  • gain experience in the areas of design and development
  • closely experience and shape the development of a new frame-design, from idea to production run
  • combine their passion for bicycles with their studies
  • get involved with fresh ideas about urban mobility and modern commercial traffic.
  • Dates
    Please reserve these dates:

  • 11 April: Information event with te companies, from 10am to 12pm, mainbuilding A; LuK
  • 18 April: Kick-off event, from 2pm to 6pm (obligatory attendance)
  • 21 and 28 April: Project management course, full day (obligatory attendance)