Teacher Training Programs

The teacher training courses offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) provide all teachers at the TU Hamburg with the opportunity to learn about different didactic approaches and methods, to further develop their teaching skills, and to exchange ideas. The experiences of the teachers and their concrete teaching situations are always integrated into the events. Theory and methodology are adapted to the special didactic needs of teachers in the engineering sciences. There are tailored courses for professors, mid-level faculty and student tutors. For the academic staff of the TU Hamburg, the obligatory, flexible teaching-related qualification program I³ProTeachING is offered on the initiative of the Presidential Board and implemented by the ZLL in cooperation with the Graduate Academy. In 60 hours over a maximum of 2 years, the participants are trained individually and practically in teaching according to their needs and interests in the focal areas of "university and subject didactics" or "research-related teaching and research-based learning".

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More information on the qualification program I³ProTeachING.