A peer visit means that a course is visited by a colleague who is not involved in that course. This person has the task of observing the teaching/learning process with regard to previously discussed questions. The observation is followed by structured feedback for the lecturer. Observation can be done at any time during the semester, but is particularly worthwhile in the middle of the semester or at the beginning, because then it is still possible to react to the feedback. The following questions can be interesting e.g.: Why are the students in my course often not motivated or seem disinterested? How can I improve my teaching style? Is the use of media I have chosen suitable for clarifying my content? The observation can also be done by ZLL if you don’t want to ask a colleague or if you have a specific didactic question. Instructions and observation forms are available at the ZLL. In addition to the actual observation date, a planning meeting and a feedback meeting should be planned. 

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