Semester Program

Each semester, the Career Center offers a comprehensive program consisting of a variety of workshops and lectures on the topics of profile building, career orientation and career entry. The career orientation offerings serve students to find answers to questions such as: "What opportunities do I have with my degree?" or "How would I like to work later?". In addition to numerous workshops, the events at which learning from role models is made possible deserve special mention. The Career Paths events and the Alumni & Career Talks are central to this. The profile-building offerings include all events in which students can develop their social and personal skills (often called "soft skills"). The Career Center's semester program offers a changing range of courses on this point, including self-presentation, rhetoric, leadership, voice and presence, work styles, and networking. Under the heading of career entry you will find helpful events on how to start your professional life - be it through first internships, working student jobs or jobs for graduates. No matter how the first theory-practice transfer takes place, it is usually preceded by an application phase. The Career Center therefore offers numerous programs to support the application process and the entry into practice.

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