Teaching and learning in and with the digital world

Designing teaching scenarios in a contemporary and innovative way is our aspiration at Hamburg University of Technology. For that reason, all lecturers have access to a variety of consulting and support services:

  1. The Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) supports lecturers in the didactic (further) development of teaching for both face-to-face and online formats. The ZLL is happy to advise on the selection, design and use of digital media in courses. Further information on the ZLL can be found at https://www2.tuhh.de/zll/?lang=en
  2. The Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) at the Hamburg University of Technology supports lecturers to experiment with new formats of teaching and learning within the scope of funded projects. The main goal is to open up academic education to the interested public, which is why all content developed at the HOOU is made openly available. For more information, see https://hoou.tuhh.de/.
  3. The computing center (Rechenzentrum TUHH) provides the digital infrastructure and supports in technical matters: servicedesk[at]tuhh.de.

Practical advice for teachers

  1. The publication “Das Digitale in der neuen Präsenz” (The digital in the new attendance) consolidates various tips and tricks for the (didactic) design of specific teaching purposes by means of digital tools.
  2. Decision guide for digital tools for specific didactic teaching scenarios with a good overview of recommended tools, many of which are also supported by the computing center (Rechenzentrum).
  3. Online Offer “Digitaler Freischwimmer”, a cooperation project of ZLL (TUHH) and Team Medien und Didaktik (HCU).