Support for Students & Scientists from Ukraine

On this website you will find a collection of information and assistance services for refugee students  and scientists affected by the war in Ukraine as well for Ukrainian and Russian students at Hamburg University of Technology.
(This site is still under construction and will be updated continuoulsy.)  

Hamburg University of Technology  is working intensively together with the City of Hamburg and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to support students and researchers form Ukraine and enable them the continuation of their education in the secure environment!

The TUHH Executive Board has condemned the aggression against Ukraine and decided on immediate aid measures for students and prospective refugee students from Ukraine. See the press release from 07.04.22.

The city of Hamburg has set up emergency facilities in order to provide quick help: check the Hamburg refugee aid - webpage for information on entry regulations and shelter facilities

The DAAD provides assistance and scholarships opportunities for students and scientists: DAAD´s  offers of assistance for Ukrainian students

The German Red Cross provides a traicing service for people separated from their family members due to armed conflicts and natural disasters

Counselling services&legal advise

Counselling services& legal advise

The TUHH Student Counseling Center is available for TUHH students with individual appointments for general and psychological consultation.

The Counceling Centre for Social & International Affairs of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg  provides important information regarding the residence status, scholarships and fundings, accommodation, health insurance etc. Should the information you are looking for not be available on their homepage , you can email them at: besi@studierendenwerk-hamburg.de

The  student crisis helpline of the Protestant Student Association (ESG) Hamburg has an open ear for everybody who feels under stress, independent of your religious orientation. ESG pastor Gisela Groß-Ikkache und ESG pastor Christof Jaeger are available for direct contact by phone.

The crisis helpline „Telefonseelsorge“  offers consultation and advice in emergency situations for everybody in distress around the clock, nationwide, anonymous and free of charge, via telephone, E-Mail or chat.

The Refugee Law Clinic (RLC) is a law student´s initiative offering a free legal advice for all refugees.

The Bucerius Law Clinic (cooperation of the Bucerius Law school and the Diakonie Hamburg) is a student´s initiative offering help, under the guidance of local attorneys, for everybody who needs legal advice on immigration- and labour law and social justice.

The TUHH student union- ASTA TUHH- offers legal advice (by a professional laywer) on general administrative rights protection.
The Asta is as well open for peer-to-peer consultation. Just contact them via their webpage.

Support & funding programs for prospective students and scientists

Support & funding programms for prospective students and researchers

Prospective students who would like to continue their academic studies are advised to contact:

Refugee scholars and scientists who would like to continue their research are advised to contact:

Important links and networks

Please check these webpages on further important information

Entry regulations, residential status, financing for refugees from Ukraine:  FAQ of the Federal Government/ Germany4Ukraine

Jobs in Germany: Integration into the German job market

Peer to peer counselling and support: Association of international students in Germany