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"Art is a form of communication. The picture is the most perfect form of communication."
Claes Oldenburg

ArtRoom@TUHH is a network that initiates art projects on various topics and offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas in an intercultural group and to implement them artistically.

The ArtRoom network has existed since 2012 and has established itself at the TUHH as a platform that honors diversity and promotes a sense of community on campus.
Interested? Just join in!

Our offer includes:

1. Infrastructure: art room and materials
2. Workshops on painting and sketching techniques led by professional artists
3. Guided tours of various museums and art galleries in Hamburg
4. The opportunity to organize your own independent project/exhibition
5. All events and materials are free of charge for TUHH students

ArtRoom Projects

Art is a means of communication to express experiences, memories and perceptions of reality.

In the ArtRoom projects, you have the opportunity to express your ideas and experiences artistically and to exchange them with the group. Professional artists will guide you and teach you different techniques and painting styles. On the days of the open studio (Fridays during the semester), you can continue to work on your projects.
Participation in all workshops is free of charge for TUHH students! Just join in and have fun!
Our past projects were:
- Digital Art
- Photo project: We in Hamburg
- Recycled Art

The current project - starting May 24 - deals with the topic: vanishing points of longing: alternative concept of living together in a peaceful, tolerant society

Sketching Get Together

Check the Ongoing Events Programm for current workshops dates!

The participation in all workshops is free of charge for TUHH students and all materials will be provided! Just join us and enjoy drawing!



ArtRoom Exhibitions

Our projects are concluded with a presentation of the works. The exhibitions show the works, objects and pictures that were created during the project. This brings the artists closer to the audience and creates the opportunity to exchange ideas.

Take a look on our past exhibitions:


Press releases

View our collection of press releases highlighting the work of ArtRoom and relevant happenings within the program

"If I don´t have red, I use blue" - Pablo Picasso