Health Insurance

All TUHH students must have valid health insurance cover and must prove that have it when they enroll.

All students are automatically under a legal obligation to take out a statutory health insurance plan. Those who want to take out private health insurance must first secure exemption from the statutory requirement. But be warned: Opt out and you will be unable to return to a statutory health insurance for the duration of your studies.

TUHH recommends the statutory health insurance to all students due to the potential additional cost of a private health insurance. Comparing premiums and the insurance cover provided is in any case always worth.

For enrollment you will need the following:

  • Either: The health insurance certificate of a statutory health insurance. Please provide this when completing your online enrollment. Your data will be checked electronically as part of the "Studenten-Meldeverfahren" between the universities and the statutory health insurance companies. The "Betriebsnummer" of TUHH is: 15501235
  • Or: Proof of exemption from compulsory insurance from a statutory health insurance company and an insurance certificate or the policy of private health insurance. Please submit these documents to the Student Services together with your enrollment documents.

Further information on health insurance can also be found in the download area of the Studierendenwerk.

Changes in your statutory health insurance during your studies are automatically reported by the health insurance companies to the universities via the so-called student notification procedure.

Please notify the Student Services immediately of any changes in your private health insurance during your studies, together with the relevant certificates/evidence.