The TUHH offers a git-server at

The git-server is a GitLab installation, which is similar to the well know GitHub. The GitLab of the TUHH is servered by the computer center of the TUHH and consequently all data remains in the data center of the TUHH.


Any member of the TUHH can use GitLab and can create up to 5 private projects. Archived projects are counted against the project limit.

External users can access the server, too, but they cannot create personal projects. They can only contribute to already existing projects, if the owner of that project allowed it.

GitLab has an expansive documenation if you log in.


Permissions in GitLab are done with roles, every role has different permissions.

Every user can be member of many project. In every project he/she has it own role.


Groups are only available to institutions of the TUHH and can be requested by the DVB with an email to ServiceDesk(at)tuhh(dot)de.

A group consists of as many projects and subgroups as needed. Members can be added to groups/subgroups/project with different roles. A member can have different roles on different levels of the group, but roles will be inherited from the group above, that means that the permissions can be extended in subgroups but cannot be reduced as that can be reverted by the user.

The visisbiltity for groups will be set to "public" by default from the computer center. This means that the group can be seen by the hole world. This is done because the visibilty of subgroups/projects can be set from public to private but not the otherway around. It is a good idea to create a new subgroup which is set to "private", where all private projects can be placed. Alternativly the visiblity of the main group can be changed to "private".

The computer center advices to grant only a few user access to the main group and create subgroups where the users can be added. A user which is owner of a group/subgroup can do anything in that group inlcuding deleting that group.


Project can be moved. They can be moved between groups or from the personal projects into groups. To do so the user must be Onwer* of the project and must have the right to create projects in the group where the project should be moved to.

* for personal project it is engough to be Maintainer


Every account in GitLab needs a valid email address.

Operation Account

Operation Account are not necessary for GitLab. The computer center advices against to use operations accounts, as they have no advantages but remove the ability to see who made changes.