TU Hamburg celebrates Summer Party 2024

73 stands defied the rain

"It's our party!" - This was the spirit with which students and staff at TU Hamburg celebrated around the pond on the Schwarzenberg campus on Tuesday from 13:00 to 22:00. With 73 experience and food stands as well as several performances, the TU community once again showed itself in all its diversity this year.

The motto of the day was "Dance through the rain": The festival was opened by the Indian Dance Troupe, whose performance showcased the Indian styles of Bhangra, Garba, Bollywood and South Indian Folk. Despite the wet weather, the numerous food stands ensured a good atmosphere: the African Student Organization served grilled fish and chicken, the mechanical engineering stand offered sausages, vegetarian grilled food and fries, and the shipbuilders' pulled pork burgers were already sold out by 5 pm. The Campusperle students presented home-brewed beer as well as bread and bread potato chips baked from brewing residues.

However, the summer festival offered more than just culinary delights. In the "Indian Street" next to the main stage on Denickestraße, visitors could admire Indian decorations, and there was henna hand-painting by the pond. In Building N, the footballers from the TU team "Hulks" showed how robots play soccer. On the "TU Island" in front of the stage, the International Affairs team, the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) and TUTECH Innovation for Technology and Knowledge Transfer presented their work. The Startup Port@TUHH, the Career Center and the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) were also represented.

The highlight of the day was the performance by the schlager-ska band Skampi. At 9 p.m., not only the musicians but also the audience were drawn to the stage, where they danced the night away - those who had held out until then were even rewarded with a few rays of sunshine. The TU Hamburg would like to thank all exhibitors and guests and says: See you next year, we look forward to seeing you!

Indian Dance Troupe
The Indian Dance Troupe opened the TU Summer Festival 2024 (Photo: C. Bittcher/TU Hamburg)
TU-Präsident Andreas Timm-Giel begrüßte die Teilnehmenden
TU President Andreas Timm-Giel welcomed the participants on the stage on Denickestraße. (Photo: C. Bittcher/TU Hamburg)