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Numbero GmbH

Big Data migration automation

Description of the company
Hey people, we the Numbero GmbH are a young tech start up with 6.5 employees from Dörpen near Oldenburg (Germany). Currently we are on a strong expansion course and can use every helping hand. Under the name Cockpit we offer our customers a BI solution based on Big Data analyses. The Cockpit is an automated consulting tool for car dealers and helps them to continuously improve their processes. We want to work with you on an awesome project that offers you a steep learning curve and lets you explore new areas. If you want to work with us to find a solution to our biggest scaling inhibitor, then be sure to read on.

In our cockpit, we are dependent on dealer management systems (DMS). Dealer management systems provide us with data in a wide variety of structures and intervals. There are about 100 DMS in Germany. Currently, these are manually connected and integrated into our Azure Synapse Structure.

Integration costs us a lot of manpower and capacity. Which is related to the fact that a human always has to deal with the data, understand the logic of the new data and translate it into the logic of the existing data. This is done with different logic apps that help us to adapt the data structures. During the project you will have our DEV team as experienced coaches (specialists Azure & Big Data).

Aims of the project
Find the most promising concept, structurally optimized for a prototype that is an algorithm that can recognize existing data structures and integrate new data structures in an automated manner.

Target group (students)
Computer Science Bachelor & Master

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