TUHH-PraxisPlus - exclusive specialized internships

TUHH-PraxisPlus has been giving students at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) the chance to take part in exclusive specialized internships since 2010. Before and during the internship, participants take part in the Praxisbegleitseminar, a coaching and workshop programme tailored to the practical experience.


Timing for the summer semester 2023

Internships in the summer semester 2023

Here is the timeline for the 2023 summer semester:


Date/Time period

Good to know

Internship market

on 26.01.2023


Application phase

until 15.02.2023


Job interviews

until 31.03.2023


Selection phase

until 31.03.2023



3-6 months in the period between 01.04.-30.09.2023


Practical guidance & Coaching


Participating companies in the summer semester 2023
  • Will be announced from the winter semester 2022/2023 on

Application procedure

The application procedure for an internship within the framework of PraxisPlus differs depending on whether you are already studying at TUHH (internal) or want to transfer from another university (external) to TUHH for a Master's program.


All applications are made online and include the following:

  • A short cover letter,

Here you describe what motivates you to complete the internship in the selected company. Make reference to the job posting(s) that interest you. Here you will find a video tutorial that you may find useful in preparing your application materials. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Career Center directly for individual guidance.

  • A resume,

Write a tabular resume, customized for the company to which you are applying. Here you will find a video tutorial that may be useful to you in preparing your application documents. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Career Center directly for individual advice.

  • The appropriate supporting documents (transcripts, etc.).

As with the resume, tailor your choice of supporting documents to the job and the company.

  • (for the Career Center) the consent

for matching application data between the Career Center of the TUHH and the respective company.

Combine your application documents into one PDF document and send it with the subject PraxisPlus application *your name* to the company you are applying to or as indicated otherwise (e.g. online application tool).

Please note that not all companies offer English-language internships. The application for a German-language internship should be made in German, at least B1 German language skills are required.

For companies

If you would like to participate as a company, please feel free to contact us.

Contact / contact person at the TUHH-Career Center


Katrin Fimpel
Phone.: 040 - 42878 - 4424

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