Your Bachelor's or Master's studies at TU Hamburg: Applications are open until July 15.

As a Guest at TUHH

Exchange students

Information are given here.

Guest status at TUHH

If you are interested in a guest status at Hamburg University of Technology please contact directly the Research Insitute of your interest. Here you will find a list of the institutes of the TUHH, as well as the initial application and the extension application.

Possible statuses are    

  • student guest to write a thesis or do a practical training in an Institute
  • visiting scientist 
  • guest to finish the doctoral degree.

Registration at TUHH will be made by the Research Institute.

Extramural students

The status of a extramural student is available if you want to learn more in a specific field of knowledge without sitting an exam to gain a qualification.

Extramural students may not take exams that count toward a subsequent course of study.

The application for enrollment as an extramural student should be made to the TUHH Admissions Office by the beginning of the semester and must be made by four weeks after lectures start at the latest. Permission to attend lectures is, however, subject to a statement in writing by the university teacher that sufficient capacity (room and resources) is available for extramural students.

For lectures at the Hamburg University of Technology please see the current Course Schedule.

Extramural students do not count as students at the Hamburg University of Technology and are therefore not entitled to any of the welfare services and provisions for students.

The Schedule of University Fees requires the TUHH to charge extramural students a semester fee of €124. In certain financial circumstances you may be entitled to apply for the semester fee to be halved. Please inquire at the Admissions Office for details. Fees may be paid in ec-cash or by bank transfer.

As a pupil at TUHH

Informationen can be found here.