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Development of a Tool for optimized operations of a dangerous goods area in the Harbor of Hamburg

Description of the company

Scalaplan is a project management company specialized in managing complex projects in infrastructure, industry and logistics. For our client – an important terminal operator in Hamburg Habor, who is specialized in general cargo and transshipments – we are looking for a digital solution that will support the storage of dangerous goods.

Initial Situation
Dangerous goods from several foreign countries are arriving in the harbor of Hamburg; their content is displayed on the freight documentation. However, the freight documentation does not give sufficient information on, how the goods can be stored safely and according to German regulations.

The terminal operator is using too much space of the grounds in order to be “on the safe side”.

Aims of the project
Development of a digital tool that will show the relevant storage information to the workers on the terminal, based on the German regulations for dangerous goods in order to help the client to optimize the capacity of the dangerous goods area.

Developing a digital solution for a safe determination of the optimal storage location on the terminal of dangerous goods:

•    Extract the storage information of the German regulations for the different goods (with help from Scalaplan)
•    Match the information with the incoming freight documentation
•    Suggest optimal storage location in the place

The outcome of the project can be a concept, a piece of software or even a prototype

Target group (study programs, skills, interests,…)

  • Curious and interested students with skills in programming.
  • The project could also be interesting for students, with special interests in logistics, IT and project management.
  • We would especially like to encourage students, who are ready to work self-dependently as we cannot provide support on the programming part of the project.
  •  German skills are not a necessity: Scalaplan will help with the initial translation and structuring of the information, when extracting the necessary storage information.

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