The research of the institutes in the deanery of civil engineering concentrates on the focus topics:

    "Building in and around water"
    "Climate change impact research"
    "Sustainability and infrastructure" and
    Digitalization and automation.

We conduct interdisciplinary research in close exchange with the researchers* in the other deaneries in the research focus areas:

    "Civil Infrastructure Systems"
    "Environmental & Energy Systems
    "Advanced Materials" and
    "Maritime Systems".

We have also established the research initiative "Building in and around water" at the TUHH. Here we conduct interdisciplinary research together with partner universities and cooperating companies.

Within the research organization of the TUHH, the various institutes of the TU Hamburg cooperate interdisciplinarily in five different research fields. The research of the Civil Engineering Dean's Office is thus found in four of our five TUHH research fields:

  1. Logistics, Mobility & Infrastructure
  2. Environmental & Energy Systems
  3. Advanced Materials & (Bio-)Processes   and
  4. Aviation & Maritime Technologies.