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Research Field

Logistics, Mobility & Infrastructure

Spokesperson: Prof. Jürgen Grabe, grabe(a)

Deputy Spokesperson: Prof. Wolfgang Kersten, w.kersten(a)

Logistics, trade, and production as well as the global value chains are currently undergoing fundamental changes, causing a major impact on the technical infrastructure. Furthermore, climate change represents a global challenge for all scientific disciplines. Numerous new technologies, for example related to digitalization and artificial intelligence, are driving innovation and enable new structures and processes. To this end, future-oriented technical, organizational, and methodological concepts and solutions are being developed at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) towards transforming logistics, mobility, and infrastructure in the direction of sustainability and resilience. Climate change is a catalyst to advance innovative and sustainable building structures, environmentally compatible construction as well as automated construction processes. The emerging (urban) infrastructure requires new solutions for logistics and mobility as well as engineering structures. By simulating and optimizing engineering systems as well as system elements and processes, not only internal impact relationships but also external influences by competitors, location conditions, and politics are taken into account. Overall, the goal of the research field is to provide important social impulses, to make a significant contribution to supporting and expanding the Hamburg metropolitan region and beyond, and to support companies through innovative research. The particular strengths of TUHH lie in the holistic approach in the sense of a life-cycle analysis as well as a broad coverage of the relevant technical and business management disciplines.

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Spokesperson: Prof. Jürgen Grabe, grabe(a)

Deputy Spokesperson: Prof. Wolfgang Kersten, w.kersten(a)