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Aviation & Maritime Systems

Spokesperson: Prof. Sören Ehlers, ehlers(a)

Deputy Spokesperson: Prof. Otto von Estorff, estorff(a)

Hamburg is known worldwide as an outstanding location for the development and implementation of innovative technology for aviation and the maritime industry. This is achieved through optimal and long-term networking of science and industry. Hamburg has the world's third largest production facility for passenger aircraft and is also an important center for the maritime industry in Europe. Mobility in the air and on the water is in many areas the driving force for the development of innovative technologies at the location, and therefore these industries benefit from each other. Current challenges include the reduction of exhaust and noise emissions, the electrification of propulsion systems, hydrogen technologies and alternative fuels.  The advanced technologies required for this range from lightweight structures to new types of aircraft or ship structures. In both areas, design and manufacturing processes are fully digitized, and new materials and manufacturing methods are being used. In addition, the integration of "machine learning" methods and autonomous navigation are increasingly finding their way into development, which has far-reaching implications not only for Hamburg as a location, but also for the global economy and environment. In the field of aeronautical engineering, TUHH focuses primarily on the research areas of aircraft systems and equipment, cabin and comfort, materials and production, as well as aircraft design and air transport systems, while in the maritime sector, particular emphasis is placed on ensuring the safety of people, ships and offshore structures, the optimization of ship propulsion systems, as well as fully digitalized manufacturing, the use of renewable maritime energies and port construction, taking into account increasingly extreme weather events resulting from global warming. In collaboration with national and international industry and German and European authorities and research institutions, numerous research topics are being addressed to increase safety and economic efficiency as well as the environmental compatibility of mobility in the air and on the water.

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Spokesperson: Prof. Sören Ehlers, ehlers(a)

Deputy Spokesperson:Prof. Otto von Estorff, estorff(a)