Information for research students

You are planning to come to TUHH for a student research stay?


Research internships  or traineeships are always a good opportunity for international students to gain experiences and scientific expertise as well as to develope language skills. 

At the TUHH you have a choice of different modes for student research stays such as  short term research stays, internships, and opportunities for completing your Bachelor/Master Thesis.

The International Office offers general orientation to help students researchers  to organize their stay at TUHH: Please check our portal below for the information on the contact points and registration procedures.




Project work for completion of Bachelor/Master Thesis

Individual project work

Projects for completion of Bachelor or Master Thesis are usually carried out at the TUHH or with co- (supervision) of an  external institution/company. The supervising TUHH professor defines the required documentation and presentation of the student´s project.
The first step to start the procedure  is to contact the relevant supervising professor directly in one of the TUHH Research Institutes according to your research subject.


Erasmus traineeship

Students coming to TUHH from ERASMUS partner universities, are regular interns at departments of TUHH – with the exception that they receive a grant from their home university through the ERASMUS student mobility for traineeship programme (SMP or SMT).
No bilateral ERASMUS agreement is needed.
ERASMUS traineeship (SMP/SMT) is not to be confused with ERASMUS student mobility for studies (SMS), also called ERASMUS student exchange.

  • The Learning Agreement of ERASMUS Traineeship has to be signed by the direct supervisor  (member of the TUHH department) of the internship.
  • The registration as a guest researcher (not as an exchanage student) will be carried out by the STUDIS department /Mrs Hennke.
  • Please contact Mrs Hennke at: vanessa.hennke@tuhh.de who will help you to carry out the registration procedure so that you will be able to get access to the TUHH Campus infrastructure.




TUHH Internship Programmes with partner institutions

  • University of Waterloo/University of Barkeley

Students coming from the above partner institutions are regular student research assistants at the TUHH Institute and will be registered as exchange students. The Research Institute will provide information and assist you with your application and registration procedure.

Please contact MUM Institute /Prof R. Seifried/ Email: robert.seifried(at)tuhh.de
or exchange coordinator Prof. Dücker/Email: daniel.duecker(at)tuhh.de

Individual internships

If you are interested in doing an individual internship / project at TUHH  your should contact the relevant supervising professor- in one of the TUHH Research Institutes directly.  Such projects are usually carried out at the TUHH or with co- (supervision) of an  external institution/company. The supervising TUHH professor defines the required documentation and presentation of the student´s project.
(Please note that you will not be enrolled as an exchange student, but as a guest researcher. It is not possible for guest reserachers to attend courses and transfer credits.)



Challenges/Micro Modules

The TUHH as a member of of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) offers the possibility of challenge - based learning.

Challenges or Micro Modules are short learning units or single courses within the study programm, which students can choose without the necessity to complete the whole module or study program.

The challenges can be credited with ECTS points depending on their scope. 
Please check the website of challenge_ eciu TUHH to find out more information.

Entry and residence regulations

If you enter Germany from a non-EU country,I you have to apply for a visa,  Make sure you apply for this visa in good time at the German diplomatic mission in your home country. 

(EU nationals and nationals of certain countries (e.g., Australia, Great Britain, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Liechtenstein, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States) do not need a visa to enter Germany.)

  • See the list of countries for which there is / is not a visa requirement on the multilingual web page of the Federal Foreign Office. This page also contains information about applying for a visa.
  • For special information, see the web page of the diplomatic mission responsible for you.
  • Note that the 3-month Schengen visa (tourist visa, visitor’s visa, business visa, visa to attend a language course without the intention of pursuing university study) cannot be converted into a residence permit in Germany. In this case, you must leave Germany and reenter with a special visa issued by the diplomatic mission responsible.

If you enter Germany from a non-EU country, you must prove you have sufficient financial resources when you apply for the visa.

For further information on visa and entry formalities check: The Hamburg Welcome Portal and Federal Foreign Office

TUHH Registration and formalities

The Registration at TUHH- in order to get access to the Campus infrastructure- will be as Guest Researcher. 
Please contact the STUDIS department /Mrs Hennke at: vanessa.hennke@tuhh.de who will help you to carry out the registration procedure.

Further counselling services in Hamburg

Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg (consumer protection agency)
The consumer protection agency Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg can advise you on many topics, such as broadcasting fees, insurance policies, and mobile phone contracts. See the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg’s multilingual brochures for an overview of topics.

ÖRA (public legal advice)
Legal consultation is available in all areas of the law. Anyone with a low income and who lives or works in Hamburg can get legal advice.

Mieter helfen Mietern (advocacy organization for renters)
This organization helps tenants who have problems with the rental contracts or landlords. Based on the supporting documents you provide, lawyers will answer your questions, clarify your rights, and help you formulate letters.