Support for students in emergency

Please find below a collection of advisory and help services at TUHH and in Hamburg for students in difficulty (whether due to the global pandemic, armed conflict, or other causes)

Counselling services and legal advise

Special help for students from Afghanistan: The Bucerius Law Clinic offers a special counselling services for students from Afghanistan.  For further information and appointments email to: afghanistan(at)

The TUHH Student Counseling Center is available for TUHH students with individual appointments for general and psychological consultation.

The  student crisis helpline of the Protestant Student Association (ESG) Hamburg has an open ear for everybody who feels under stress, independent of your religious orientation. ESG pastor Gisela Groß-Ikkache und ESG pastor Christof Jaeger are available for direct contact by phone.

The crisis helpline „Telefonseelsorge“  offers consultation and advice in emergency situations for everybody in distress around the clock, nationwide, anonymous and free of charge, via telephone, E-Mail or chat.

The Counceling Centre for Social & International Affairs of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg  provides important information regarding the financing of your studies, accommodation, health insurance etc. Should the information you are looking for not be available on their homepage , you can email them at: besi(at)studierendenwerk-hamburg(dot)de

The Refugee Law Clinic (RLC) is a law student´s initiative offering a free legal advice for all refugees.

The Bucerius Law Clinic (cooperation of the Bucerius Law school and the Diakonie Hamburg) is a student´s initiative offering help, under the guidance of local attorneys, for everybody who needs legal advice on immigration- and labour law and social justice.

The TUHH student union- ASTA TUHH- offers legal advice (by a professional laywer) on general administrative rights protection.
The Asta is as well open for peer-to-peer consultation. Just contact them via their webpage.

Financial aids & emergency funds

1. The DAAD's Hilde Domin Program funded by the Foreign Office, supports students and graduates who cannot continue their studies or research in their home countries because they face threat or persecution. The goal of this funding line is to enable students and graduates in danger to begin or continue their studies or doctoral work in safety at a German university. For more information please contact: Scholarhsips Counselling/International Office/Eva Turos at:  eva.turos(at)tuhh(dot)de

2.  The Ecumenical Emergency Fund provides financial aid for international students in emergency with the goal to enable them to continue their studies during demanding periods, such as exams, internships or similar. Please note that this is not a scholarship but  temporary support in an emergency situation.
For detailed information and questions please contact: Claudia Bröker;
E-Mail: broeker(at)diakonie-hamburg(dot)de

3. Further financial fundings for students in Hamburg
Please contact the Counselling Center for study financing at the Studierendenwerk Hamburg
for detailed information as well as advisory services on further financial fundings for students in emergency!
Please check as well:  the Webpages of Studierendenwerk Hamburg

Covid 19- Pandemic

Entering Germany, quarantine- and local regulations in Hamburg

For information regarding Covid 19 pandemic, necessary contacts, assistance and further test centers in Hamburg please check the Hamburg Health Websites.
If you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus, contact medical 116 117 or your local health department.
If you have further questions  call the Corona Hotline of the city of Hamburg: 040 - 428 284 000 or write an email to: corona-einreise(at)


Everybody who enters Germany from abroad has to particiapate in a special registartion process (online or in paper). For more information please check the homepage of the Federal Foreign Office.
Everybody who enters Hamburg has to follow the current Covid-19 rules and regulations in Hamburg

Quarantine and Covid- 19 Testing.
Everybody who have spend time, at any specific period within10 days prior to entry, in a "risk area", "high incidence area" or "area of variant of concern" - as indicated on a list of the Robert Koch Institute- , may be the subject to quaratine, under the specific quarantine ordinances issued by the Federal State.
Further information regarding current regulation of quaratine duration, Covid 19 testing, test centers (including fee schedules) can bo found at: Hamburg Health Websites

There is no specific state assistance for quarantine arrangements for persons, who arrive in Hamburg from a COVID-19 risk area. You have to organize your quarantine yourself!

For students who have been provided a room in one of the Student residence halls of Studierendenwerk Hamburg: please discuss questions regarding the rules for domestic quarantine in the student halls with: Compass-Program-Tutors-Team;  or Residence- Hall- Tutors- Team Counselling- Center- Accommodation


Please note that we all are resposible to fight against the pandemic by following the general hygiene requirements in certain public areas, university facilities, student halls. Dont´t forget about: wearing the surgical/FFP masks, keeping the min. 1,5 meter distance and not organising and taking part in parties and social gatherings as long as the Covid regulations are in place!

Further information and links
Further information and links


Information portal of the Federal Foreign Office

Information on all important areas of living in Germany as well as its interaction with the world in the fields of business, culture, science and technology, the environment, development issues etc.

Women’s advising services
The women’s advising service supports women in matters related to marriage/partnership, family, separation, divorce, single motherhood, violence, and workplace conflicts.