Getting Started

First steps: from applying to registering as a student

Here is where to find the TUHH’s different application portals for exchange students and Bachelor and Master programs. As the application procedures differ, you will find your specific information on the appropriate application portal. 


Information about the basic internship for Bachelor programs

Do I need a basic internship for the course I want to study? Find the answer to this question here.

If you have studied previously, before starting your present study program…

... recognition of studies and qualifications will be an issue that is of relevance for you. The rule is that equivalent academic study programs (passed and failed) must be credited. To get them credited you must submit an application within six weeks of starting your course (that means by mid-November for the winter semester and by mid-May for the summer semester). You must attach a complete and final performance record from your previous university. If you have switched study programs at the TUHH a performance record will not be required. Recognition is regulated in Section 13 of the General Provisions of the Course and Examination Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs at the Hamburg University of Technology, or ASPO (German abbreviation) for short.

Statutes and Regulation

The following statutes and regulations are especially important for your studies at the TUHH. They can be accessed via this link.

Please read these documents thoroughly to learn all about your study program, the course of studies and examinations, and your rights and duties.

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