My Applications

"My Applications" is a user-specific control panel that manages applications and application-settings in the Windows-Pools. It is launched with every login and shows available applications that require additional configuration. You can always launch "My Applications" by doubleclicking the icon on your desktop.

For selected programs, "My Applications" creates entries in the personal startmenu and preconfigures everything for smooth operation. In case of misbehaviour or faulty configuration, "My Applications" can be used to reset the standards.


In all Windows-Pools.

How to use My Applications

During logon, "My Applications" will typically show only when there is news or unfinished business, like new published applications or unvisited help-links.

This is an example with:
[1] an unvisited help-link of a selected application (marked red)
[2] several new published apps

If you want to use Photoshop, add it by clicking the "Add"-button.
[3] The "Add"-button is actually a switch that changes to "Remove" when clicked.
[4] For the selected programs, there is always a help-page to visit. If ignored, "My Applications" will continue to list items until their help-pages were visited. .
[5] Whatever you choose or change must be confirmed by clicking OK...

...followed by a confirmation-dialogue that lists everything to do.
[6] "OK" will launch the actions, "Cancel" brings you back to the control panel.

According to the selections, some actions are performed and new applications can be launched via the personal startmenu.

Further information

To be continued.

Contact at the TUHH

User Service Center (USC), Room 2.048