WHEN? Wednesday,  27 September 2023, 11.00 - 12.00 am.
WHERE? Zoom-Meeting
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Welcome is everyone who wants to improve his/her German (beginners and advanced learners). The meeting will be held in English.

Learning German

You want to learn German and don't know how and where? Here we have collected information about further German courses and helpful offers for learning German at the TUHH, but also outside the TUHH, which will help you to improve your German language skills.

Practising German at TUHH

At TUHH there are various opportunities to improve your German language skills.

TUHH German Language Courses

The TUHH offers various German language courses. More detailled information can be found at the TUHH website. Please note that there are different language courses for international Master students and exchange students. The German courses for the Master's language courses are run by the Language Institute IBH and the German courses for exchange students by the VHS (Volkshochschule).

Language Cafes

The language cafés of the Welcome@TUHH programme are a great way to improve your German in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. At a language café, you can simply drop in, chat with each other in a friendly atmosphere and brush up your language skills. The weekly meetings are led by native speakers. Usually, we offer German Language Cafés for the language levels A2/B1 and B2/C1.

Intercultural Language Learning

Are you studying in German, but German is not your mother tongue? With elements from foreign language teaching and intercultural training, you will explore why expressions and behaviour are perceived as "normal" by some and as strange, unsettling and impolite by others. You will also get to know strategies to recognise and avoid linguistic misunderstandings. Further information can be found here.

Course offer: Culture, Literature and Science

The course Culture, Literature and Science is recommended for all culture enthusiasts. Every semester there is a new thematic focus. This course is designed both for international and German students. Information can be found here.

Language Counselling for guest researchers and Ph.D. students

Uta Bories, a long-term experienced teacher of German as a Foreign Language (DaF = Deutsch als Fremdsprache), provides advice on all questions concerning the improvement and certification of German language skills (e.g. courses inside and outside of TUHH, online offers, tests). Here you can find the registration link.

Workshops offered by the TUHH Career Center

The TUHH Career Center offers several workshops during the semester to support you in your job search. Some of the offers are designed for international students learners and hold in German as a foreign language. Please find further information at the TUHH Career Center website.

TUHH Library (tub)

In the TUHH library (tub) you will find a large selection of textbooks for German at various levels, including special topics such as scientific and technical language, German for engineers, grammar, vocabulary, etc. The textbooks are located on the shelf behind the service desk Information in the reading room (ground floor).

...and outside TUHH

Also check the offers outside TUHH. Here is a selection of options for improving your language skills:

Language tandem

Two people with different mother tongues meet regularly for language exchange and help each other learning the language. This is a great way to improve your language skills and, above all, to practise your speaking and listening skills. Tandem learning works face-to-face as well as online.

Tandem program at the VHS Hamburg: Here you can directly search for a tandem partner in Hamburg.

Seagull Tandem Program of the University of Greifswald: Online Tandem Exchange and many helpful materials and tips for language and tandem learning. 

Conversation Circles

In open conversation circles you can practise your language skills and meet new people. Mostly, these groups are run by native speakers who offer this on a voluntary basis. 

Dialogue in German at Bücherhallen Hamburg: Volunteers at the Bücherhallen Hamburg offer conversation groups in German.

German for everyday life: A project of Sprachbrücke-Hamburg e.V. The conversation groups take place all over Hamburg.

Self-learning materials

Libraries often have a large selection of textbooks for German at various levels, including special topics such as scientific and technical language, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Bücherhallen Hamburg: Municipal library with many branches in most parts of the city. A user card is required (about 20 euros per year for students).

State and University Library of the University of Hamburg (SUB): The SUB has many textbooks in German and can be used free of charge with the TUB user card.

Online materials for self-learning

Deutsche Welle: many self-learning materials, free online German courses, slow spoken news, etc. Highly recommended!

Goethe Institut: free self-learning materials: On Goethe-Institutes website you will find numerous free online materials for learning German.

Adult Education Centres (Volkshochschule/VHS): The vhs learning portal of the Adult Education Centres offers a comprehensive digital learning programme: language courses at all levels up to B2 are available for self-learners. Free registration is required to use the portal.

TV, movies, series, documentaries, news etc.

A great way to learn German and relax at the same time. And you also learn a lot of interesting things about history, culture, politics etc.. It is recommended to activate subtitles. This way you not only train your listening comprehension, but also the spelling of learned words. Apart from the usual paid streaming services, there are also numerous options for free. We have listed a selection for you here: 

ARD Mediathek: ARD is actually the cooperation of Germany's regional public-service broadcasters. You can find a large selection of films, series and documentaries from public television.

ZFD Mediathek: ZDF is the short form for "Second German Television". Similar to ARD, you will find a wide selection of videos here.

ARTE Mediathek: Streaming service of the television channel ARTE, that focuses on cultural topics.

Radio and podcasts

For advanced learners of German, podcasts are a great way to practise listening comprehension. The ARD Audiothek offers numerous audios, radio features, podcasts and audio books. Many audios are available for download, so you can listen to them on the go.

ARD Audiothek: Here you can find numerous audios, radio features, podcasts and audio books. Since many audios are available for download, you can also listen to them offline while on the move.

dradio: Information on the latest news and topics!