ArtRoom Exhibitions

The ArtRoom exhibitions show works and pictures created by students during the projects:

Take a look at our current and past exhibitions:

19.4. - 30. 06.24: "Behind the Moon" in TUHH Building A

5. July 19: " Recycled Art"in Artroom studio: paintings and objects.

4. July 2018 -"Artroom-works reloaded" in Artroom Studio.

3. June 16 -"The Reality of our dreams"/the gallery "Alles wird schön": paintings and photography works.

2. June 2015- "Silence is full of the unspoken"/ local gallery "Alles wird schön" in Harburg.

1. Mai 2014- "ArtRoom works"

on TUHH campus/Building A. The exhibition showed 80 different abstract pictures and portraits as well as several oversized works created by a group of international and German students as a team.


You missed our showings?

Don´t worry: many works created during ArtRoom workshops are hanging in different Buildings (A, L, G, E) on TUHH Campus!



1. "Billy Joel"(Natasha Zaharova)- building A/room 014