Leasure time activities

TUHH offers many extra curricular activities and clubs for students, depending on your field of interest. As an international student, you should definitely make sure to check out the semester activities offered by the International Office for free each semester. All events are listed here. Please also have a look at the pages of the AStA working groups (AGs). If your heart beats for music, you will also find several opportunities to make (or listen to) music at the TUHH. 


Are you new at TUHH and want to meet new people? Or have you been studying for some time, but are you looking for someone to spend your free time with? Or do you already play football in a group, but your team is not yet complete? Or you are looking for someone to learn math together?

Whatever, share your activities and requests here! Send your posts (not more than 300 characters) and we will publish it on our notice board.  Please do not forget to include your TUHH email address so that people can contact you.

You can as well  organise a group event/activity of your choice like movie night, theatre performance or small excursion to nearby cities and the International Office  supports you by refunding a certain amount of the tickets costs. For more infos check: create your own event!

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International Cooking Sessions

Bring the world right into your kitchen! During our online International Cooking Sessions we meet to get to know traditional dishes of a country. We invite you to cook with us, have a great time with students from all over the world an enjoy delicious food!


Leading a cooking session

We need you! Would you like to present a dish from your country and prepare it step by step with other students online via Zoom? Then let´s go!

  • Think about which dish you would like to cook together. It should not be too time-consuming and the ingredients should be easy to buy.
  • Get in touch with us. We will provide you with a recipe card. You write down the ingredients, a short description of how the dish is prepared, if anything has to prepared beforehand and if any special kitchen tools are needed.
  • Do you live in a shared flat or a student hall of residence? You can also lead a cooking session together.
  • You buy all ingredients you need and check your kitchen tools.
  • On the day of the cooking session you check your microphone and position your camera that you can be easily seen while cooking. You log in with your camera on Zoom and explain/cook the recipe step by step.
  • You enjoy the meal together with the other students.

    >> Info Sheet
    >> Recipe Card

Participating in a cooking session

Would you like to take part in the Cooking Session?

  • Register online so that we can send you the ingredients list and the meeting link on time.
  • Receive the shopping list & buy the ingredients you need.
  • Check your equipment list & set up your kitchen.
  • You cook together & enjoy the meal.
  • The cooking sessions are held online via Zoom. To participate, you should have your microphone and camera turned on.
  Are you missing a dish from your home country? Then offer a cooking session yourself and get in touch with us!

Missed the last Cooking Sessions? Here you can find the recipe cards.