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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Assessing the future port infrastructure demand in Northern Europe

Project result: Poster (PDF)


Project Description:

Description of the company
It takes the brightest minds to be a technology leader. It takes imagination to create green energy for the generations to come. At Siemens Gamesa we make real what matters.

Siemens Gamesa has a vision for renewable energy: we believe in the power of nature and technology. Help us to be ready to face the energy challenges of tomorrow and make a green footprint – join us in creating a better future for our planet. With a worldwide installed capacity of 75 GW, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has a presence in more than 90 countries and a team of 24,000 employees worldwide. Its end-to-end value chain presence encompasses onshore and offshore wind turbines design, manufacturing, installation as well as cutting-edge service solutions.

Initial situation
An increasing demand for renewable energy and ambitious targets set by companies and governments across Europe, is putting the supporting infrastructure under severe pressure. The infrastructure at its current state, will not be able to support the ambitus targets set and it is a key component and crucial factor for SGRE and the overall wind industry to find a solution for. 

SGRE is facing limitations in availability of pre-assembly ports in northern Europe for offshore construction, due to the sheer increase in demand for renewable projects and by both complementing (foundations, cables etc.) and competing industries (hydrogen, repower etc.)

Aims of the project
Assess the future demand for preassembly ports in northern Europe, taking into consideration the overall demand from all relevant industries. Develop ideas how to overcome these challenges in demand.

We are looking for a group of students who are keen on diving into the exciting world of renewable energy and to positively contribute to finding solutions SGRE can implement in the future. The following tasks shall guide the students through this project. On top, we are open for applications for subsequent working student options.

Questions to be answers

  • The students should create an in-depth and holistic overview of the future demand of pre-assembly ports in northern Europe taking into consideration all relevant industries
  • Identify key ports that would be of strategic importance for SGRE to secure, taking into consideration technical feasibility, expected project pipeline and future innovation within preassembly.

Target group
The project would fit well with below studies, but we are open for students with various backgrounds so if you are interested in the project, please feel free to reach out even if your study is not mentioned below.

  • Joint masters in environmental studies; Cities and Sustainability
  • Regenerative energies
  • Joint masters in Ship and Offshore Technology
  • International Management and Engineering