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Automated Rotor House Fastening

Description of the company
It takes the brightest minds to be a technology leader. It takes imagination to create green energy for the generations to come. At Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) we make real what matters.
SGRE has a vision for renewable energy: We believe in the power of nature and technology. Help us to be ready to face the energy challenges of tomorrow and make a green footprint – join us in creating a better future for our planet. With a worldwide installed capacity of more than 120 GW, SGRE has a presence in more than 90 countries and a team of 24,000 employees worldwide. Its end-to-end value chain presence encompasses onshore and offshore wind turbines design, manufacturing, installation as well as cutting-edge service solutions.

The series production of (offshore) wind turbine nacelles is still characterized by a high degree of manual, labor-intensive processes – including the fastening of large bolt circles (>100 fasteners) with high-torque fastening systems (>250Nm, >M16). At Plant Cuxhaven, Germany the newest offshore wind turbine nacelle generations are assembled and shipped directly to the erection ports. To meet the offshore expansion targets, Plant Cuxhaven will need to increase its capacity significantly.

The Generator Rotor House is fastened from bottom to top at a height of about 1500mm to 2500mm. The bolt circles can be evenly distributed in round bolt circles, in patterns or randomly. The bolt size varies and therefore also the required torque. Additionally, may the process change from torque to tensioning. Hence, different systems and/or tools are required, and the overall system must be designed on a modular basis to enable the automation for future offshore wind turbine generations.

Aims of the project
The goal is to initiate, define and execute a project of the development and documentation of a concept study for an Automated Rotor House Fastening system. The concept study shall be executed using a structured approach based on the VDI 2221 or similar. The result must be one or more conceptual designs, project documentation (list of requirements, function models, basic solutions, system architecture, partial and overall design drafts), as well as a should-cost analysis.

We are looking for students who are keen on experiencing to work in an environment that focuses on making our world a little better and support us with their specific skill sets. The following tasks shall guide the students through this project. On top, we are open for applications for subsequent working student options.

Entrepreneurship / Project Management

  • Analyze existing/similar solutions in terms of their technology maturity and adaptability to the given use case
  • Establishment of holistic business case for the given use case including risk assessment, cost, and stakeholder overview
  • Develop a project plan throughout the concept phase
  • Derivation of a full planned project to implement including work streams, time plan and used methods (Waterfall, agile, etc.)
  • Innovativeness: Initiate workshops, brainstorming sessions, generate ideas using methodologies
  • Estimate process times

(Mechanical) Engineering

  • Create List of Requirements
  • Develop concept sketches
  • Design preliminary design drafts
  • Calculate overall forces and moments introduced and acting on the system

(Electrical) Engineering

  • Define electrical concept
  • Develop control strategy and required (redundant) sensors
  • Develop safety strategy

Target group (students)
This project offers a deep dive into the sector of renewable energies and specifically, into series production of offshore wind turbines. The interdisciplinary team of students acts as an integral part of the innovation project from the very beginning. Hence, they will learn how to approach a complexly scoped project step by step being guided by employees with a broad spectrum of knowledge in different disciplines. We offer the possibility to extend their gained knowledge as students by applying it to a practical case. Together we will contribute to make this world a little better by creating a solution that increases efficiency and enables an improved material management.

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