Circularity logistics

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Project Description:

Description of the company
Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. We are a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. We aim for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

The End of Life (EoL) for aircraft cabin parts is an essential part of the sustainable cabin. To enable a positive EoL scenario for these parts, it is needed to manage dedicated material flows to ensure their consideration within the whole EoL process and to measure the impact of the logistics.

To ensure the proper consideration of the logistic processes within an EoL scenario it is important to acknowledge its impact on the whole process. The impact of logistics for the EoL process of cabin materials will influence the EoL strategy and decisions.

Aims of the project
The CO2 emissions for material transport after the EoL should be highlighted and how it influences the whole EoL process. It has to be considered that the part disassembly will take place in many different locations.


Data Analysis and related recommendations
Comparison of the impact for different transport scenarios and means of transport
Analysis of the current existing business models regarding the logistics part and identify best practices
Propose a solution for the EoL location of cabin parts (for disassembly) to enable a reduced CO2 footprint
Recommendation for a sustainable logistics network for the EoL of cabin parts

Target group (students)
Ingenieurwesen, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Green Technologies, Bau- und Umweltingenieurwesen.

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