TUHH becomes a member of the Fakultätentag Informatik

The School of Study EIM was accepted as a new member of the Fakultätentag Informatik.

This admission recognizes the successful expansion of computer science during the growth phase and its contribution to the TU's profile in research and teaching.

The Fakultätentag Informatik unites the leading universities and colleges in Germany to support the development and promotion of computer science in research and teaching. The association provides a platform for its members to share best practices, collaborate on research projects, and strengthen the computer science community in academia.".[1]

Prof. Sibylle Schupp, representative of the School of Study in the Faculty Association and initiator of the admission process, expressed her delight about this admission: "The membership in the Faculty Association for Computer Science is a remarkable recognition of our efforts to advance excellence in education and pioneering research in computer science. We are excited about the opportunities presented by this affiliation and look forward to sharing our knowledge and learning from other leading institutions."

The benefits of membership in the Computer Science Faculty Association are many. In addition to sharing best teaching practices and research concepts, members gain access to special conferences, symposia and workshops that provide a platform for professional dialogue and foster collaboration between institutions. In addition, joint research projects can be initiated to address important issues in computer science and develop innovative solutions.

Photo: Inspection of the TUHH by the FTI Study Commission in July 2023. Persons pictured: Joelle Hohwiller (TU Hamburg), Prof. Andreas Timm-Giel (President, TU Hamburg), Prof. Jörg Desel (Fernuniversität in Hagen), Beate Ludka (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Prof. Görschwin Fey (TU Hamburg), Prof. Sibylle Schupp (TU Hamburg), Prof. Karsten Wolf (University of Rostock), Jun.-. Prof. Christian Dietrich (TU Hamburg), Prof. Stefan Conrad (Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf), Prof. Christian Renner (TU Hamburg), Prof. Tobias Knopp (TU Hamburg), Dr. Anna Kirf (TU Hamburg). ©Photo: Hartmut Gau


[1] ft-informatik.de/ueber-uns/

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