Institutes and Workgroups

By Schools of Study

Civil Engineering (B)

Digital and Autonomous Construction B-1

Wastewater Management and Water Protection B-2

Materials, Physics and Chemistry of Buildings B-3

Structural Analysis B-4

Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management B-5

Concrete Structures B-7

Metal and Composite Structures B-8

Geo-Hydroinformatics B-9

River and Coastal Engineering B-10

Water Resources and Water Supply B-11

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics (E)

Medical Technology and Intelligent Systems E-1

Vision Systems E-2

High Frequency Technology E-3

Communication Networks E-4

Biomedical Imaging E-5

Electrical Power and Energy Technology (ieet) E-6

Microsystem Technology E-7

Telecommunications E-8

Integrated Circuits E-9

Mathematics E-10

Algorithms and Complexity E-11

Optical and Electronic Materials E-12

Embedded Systems E-13

Control Systems E-14

Software Systems E-16

Telematics E-17

Electromagnetic Theory E-18

Vocational Subject Education (G)

Applied Building Technology G-1

Laser and System Technologies G-2

Technical Education and University Didactic G-3

Mechanical Engineering (M)

Materials and X-Ray Physics M-2

Biomechanics M-3

Mechatronics in mechanical engineering M-4

Energy Systems M-5

Ship Design and Ship Safety M-6

Aircraft Systems Engineering M-7

Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory M-8

Advanced Ceramics M-9

Ship Structural Design and Analysis M-10

Polymer Composites M-11

Marine Engineering M-12

Mechanics and Ocean Engineering M-13

Structural Dynamics M-14

Continuum and Material Mechanics M-15

Modelling and Computation M-16

Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Design M-17

Production Management and Technology M-18

Engineering Thermodynamics M-21

Materials Physics and Technology M-22

Aircraft Production Technology M-23

Structural mechanics in lightweight design M-24

Aircraft Cabin Systems M-25

Central Division Electron Microscopy M-26

Air Transportation Systems M-28

Structural optimization for lightweight design M-EXK1

Process and Chemical Engineering (V)

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering V-1

Chemical Reaction Engineering V-2

Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology V-3

Process Systems Engineering V-4

Multiphase Flows V-5

Technical Biocatalysis V-6

Technical Microbiology V-7

Thermal and Separation Processes V-8

Environmental Technology and Energy Economy V-9

Process Imaging V-10

Management Sciences and Technology (W)

Management Accounting and Simulation W-1

Business Logistics and General Management W-2

Innovation Marketing W-3

Operations Research and Information Systems W-4

Technical Logistics W-6

Technology and Innovation Management W-7

Transport Planning and Logistics W-8

Human Resource Management and Organizations W-9

Strategical und International Management W-10

Entrepreneurship W-11

Maritime Logistics W-12