Facilities and operational organization

Computer for research and development

Computer pools for students

Contact / USC and pool allocations

Pool-Name Operating System Quantity Location Beamer
Pool 1 Windows 7 23 PCs DE17, R.3038 installed
Pool 2 Windows 7 15 PCs SBS95, R.2058/2060 installed
Pool 3a Linux (RedHat) 12 PCs SBS95, R.2008/2010 installed
Pool 3b Linux (RedHat) 12 PCs SBS95, R.2011/2013 installed
Pool 3c Linux (RedHat) 12 PCs SBS95, R.2023/2025 installed
Pool 3d Linux (RedHat) 10 PCs SBS95, R.2026/2028 installed
Pool 4a Windows 7 12 PCs SBS95, R.2055/2057 installed
Pool 4b Windows 7 13 PCs SBS95, R.2054 installed
Pool 5a Windows 7 12 PCs SBS95, R.2039/2041 installed
Pool 5b Windows 7 12 PCs SBS95, R.2042/2044 installed
StuDi-Pool (3e) Linux (RedHat) 10 PCs Geb.Q, R.117 borrow from USC
Pool 7 (TUB) Windows 7 12 / 4 PCs DE22, R.1005
NIT/RZ-Pool Special applications 12 PCs KAS 10, RE7 installed