20.000 Euro for „Tumor-on-a-chip“ project

Institute of Microsystems Technology at the TU Hamburg is awarded the Michael Zajadacz Prize 2023.

On Friday, September 22, 2023, the Institute of Microsystems Technology of the TUHH in cooperation with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf won the Michael Zajadacz Prize 2023. The award was given for the research and development work on the topic "Tumor-on-a-chip" by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hoc Khiem Trieu, Daybith Venegas-Rojas and Manfred Jücker from the TU Institute. The Michael Zajadacz Prize 2023 of the Adalbert Zajadacz Foundation is associated with a grant of 20,000 euros.

Tumor-on-a-chip: A new efficient tool for cancer research

Tumoroids cultured in a microfluidic chip under physiologically similar conditions serve as a model for cancer drug screening. Classical 2D cell cultures behave differently than in reality. 3D cell cultures such as tumoroids are more similar in behavior to cancer tissue in the living state. A microfluidic chip with continuous nutrient supply and stable growth conditions as a bioreactor for the tumoroids offers the solution here. After intensive research and optimization, the solution of a tumor-on-a-chip has emerged, which reliably grows tumoroids in vitro. Tumor-on-a-chip enables exponential growth of cancer tissue under controlled perfusion with nutrients and demonstrates exponential shrinkage of cancer tissue upon administration of an anticancer drug.

Zum Michael Zajadacz Preis

Die Adalbert Zajadacz Stiftung fördert auf vielfältige Weise Projekte nicht nur im Elektrohandwerk, sondern auch in den Gebieten Erziehung, Bildung und Ausbildung. Mit dem Michael Zajadacz Preis werden seit 2021 alle zwei Jahre herausragende Leistungen in unterschiedlichen Themengebieten prämiert.

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Bild: Hans-Jürgen Vallentin, Daybith Venegas-Rojas, Hoc Khiem Trieu, Andreas Köster und Rudolf Kafemann (v.l.n.r.)