HiWi Positions

Bachelor, Master and Project Thesis Offerings

Machine learning for industrial soft-sensing in a drying process

Machine learning for industrial soft-sensing in a drying process

Master thesis (remunerated)

Beginn: ab sofort

Modelling the Process Behavior of Dry Granulation

Untersuchung der Materialzuführung für die Walzenkompaktierung

(Bachelor oder Masterarbeit)

Beginn: ab sofort

Influence of Humidity and Fines on the Conveying and Storage Stability of Wood Pellets

Process Imaging in Fluidized Beds

Particle Tracking in Fluidized Beds with High-Speed Imaging

Master thesis or Bachelor thesis

Beginn: ab sofort

Optimization of Porcelain Tile Manufacturing

Industrial Positions and Internship Offers

Nestlé R&D Accelerator Lausanne Food & Beverage challenge

If you’re convinced that we urgently need to tackle global food challenges to delight consumers & enhance people’s lives, this challenge is for you!
For this challenge, science must be at the core of your innovation. The challenge can include various nutritional solutions, powerful active ingredients, innovative combination of ingredients, new scientific discovery or technology, or any other “out-of-box” idea you may have. The R&D Accelerator Lausanne opens “its nest” to accelerate next-level Food & Beverage innovations by empowering entrepreneurs crafting solutions that can make the difference.
Join Nestlé for a 6 months entrepreneurial experience from idea to shop!