Devices for Bulk Characterization of Powders

Analytical scale: Excellence Plus XP, METTLER TOLEDO

The mass of samples with a maximum of 220 g can be measured with a readability of 0.1 mg. Readability up to a maximum mass of 81 g is 0.01 mg.

Automatic, digitally controlled Ring Shear Tester RST-XS.s, Schulze

Measurement of flow properties of powders (flowability, caking, wall friction). Automatic, computer-controlled test procedure. Very small specimen volumes (30 ccm, 70 ccm, 9 ccm). Additional module for wall friction measurements XS-WM (alumina).

Jenike shear tester

Determination of yield criteria (yield locus, wall yield locus, time yield locus), internal friction and flowability of bulk solids and powders.

Device for measurement of the angle of repose

Determination of the angle of repose for powder or granules (ISO 4324). Quick assessment of the internal angle of friction of bulks materials.

FT4 Powder Rheometer (Freeman)

Measurement of:

  • Bulk density
  • Compressibility
  • Flowability
  • Shear cell
  • Wall friction