Particle Formulation

A focus of our research is the processing and analysis of particles from the nm- to mm-range for a multitude of applications, ranging from the food industry, over fine chemicals, biotechnological and pharmaceutical powders to applications in material science and energy technology. The particle formulation is based on coating, encapsulation, granulation and agglomeration processes in order to manufacture powder granules from liquid educts with novel and improved properties. As an  example, we agglomerate and coat prestructured μm-sized composite particles to formulate hierarchically structured composites, which are then further processed to novel highly-filled ceramic-polymer composite materials with customized mechanical properties. This is done in cooperation with other institutes within the DFG Collaborative Research Center SFB 986: Tailored Multiscale Materials Systems. The investigated formulation techniques are based on spray drying, fluidized bed and spouted bed technology.