Welcome to the Climate Informed Engineering Research Initiative

Breakthroughs in computing have led to development of new generations of Earth Systems Models providing detailed information on how our planet may locally respond to the ongoing global warming. Access to such climate information systems presents an unprecedented opportunity for engineers to make tangible contributions to climate adaptation through integration of climate information in their products and designs. This is precisely the key focus of "Climate Informed Engineering" (CIE) Research Initiative at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

The concept behind Climate Informed Engineering is to enable engineers to build infrastructure, devices, sensors or develop new materials and processes that are informed by climate, and climate change information, thus contributing to concepts like resilience as well as climate change adaptation which is at the heart of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and The European Green Deal. Climate Informed Engineering could resonate with engineers and scientists with different backgrounds ranging from chemical, civil, environmental and mechanical engineering to energy, soil, material and computer and social sciences and beyond. This makes Climate Informed Engineering a truly multidisciplinary field of research which we believe will be an increasingly important dimension of Engineering Science.

In collaboration with scientists from Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology and United Nations University (UNUFLORES) in Germany, the Climate Informed Engineering Research Initiative has been launched in 2022 at Hamburg University of Technology to:

  • Provide a framework aiming at fostering collaborations, exchange of ideas, knowledge transfer, tools and expertise among different players from academia, industry, government and politicians
  • Educate and train new generation of engineers and scientists for a world under a changing climate integrating state-of-the-art climate information in engineering designs and solutions.

We are always interested in working with individuals interested in the idea behind Climate Informed Engineering. To explore the possibilities and how to get involved with this initiative at TUHH, please feel free to contact: cie.info(at)tuhh.de