High-Speed Imaging System (IDT NX4-S2)

Maximum Resolution 1024x1024 @ 2000 frames per second. Up to 9400 frames per second at lower resolutions. Sensitivity up to ISO 6000. 

Analysis of particle dynamics using Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV).

Simultaneous use of several cameras for 3D analysis.


Electrical capacitance volume tomography

  • Rings of electrodes around fluidized bed
  • Capacitance proportional to solids content
    -> Produces 3D solids content distributions
  • Model 4RD Cold Flow from Tech4Imaging 
  • Reconstructed images: 8000 voxels, 20×20×20 array, 5.5 mm×5.5 mm×11 mm (LxWxH)

Capacitance Probes

  • Solid concentration profiles (radial and axial)
  • Measurement of bubble velocity and size