Teaching and Training at the SPE

At the institute both study courses for students from the TUHH as well as courses for interested people from industry are offered.

Teaching for students

For students, Prof. Stefan Heinrich and his researchers offer a variety of study courses within the fields of Solids Process Engineering, Food Process Engineering and Energy Technology.

A description of the offered courses can be found here.

University courses for industry/academics

The researchers at SPE in collaboration with partner institutions and industrial partners offer advanced training in the fields of Drying Technology and Fludisation Engineering. The courses are held each year and intend to give the participants a detailed knowledge about the mentioned topics. Both courses have a duration of 4 days. The Drying course is carried out at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, whereas the Fluidisation course is held here at TUHH in Hamburg, Germany.